About sauna ritual

Sauna ritual is a set of Latvian sauna traditions focusing not only on the revival of the physical but also on the spiritual. Sauna ritual is an adventure on many levels - it heals your body, focuses on your feelings, allows getting to know oneself better, makes you rely on another person and offers to experience a new state of conscious.
The firewood heated sauna shall cleanse your body, allow you to forget everyday worries and fill you with energy to tackle whatever lies ahead with ease. Every corner of the sauna is filled fresh meadow scents and flavours.
Gravas sauna attendant
Sauna attendant Biruta has been working in Gravas for 8 years already. She has graduated sauna school Lielzemenes in 2011. Sauna and plant knowledge has been Biruta’s passion for the whole life. It has been self-studied and attended courses such as “Untraditional plant growing”. Gravas is Biruta’s lifestyle, work and home. You will enjoy the individual approach during the sauna ritual.

-Body massage with homemade scrub
-Massage with natural aroma oils
-Energy flapping with branches from various trees
-Ancient Baltic Mantras
-Singing Latvian folk songs
-Cooling down in a pool
-Use of wicker bunches
-Honey body mask
-Various herbal aromatic feet baths
-Herbal tea with honey, goat’s milk products and other farm products
-During the sauna ritual the attendant shall guide you through the process and tell about the effectiveness of sauna and the various materials used.

Choose your sauna ritual atmosphere

Herbal sauna is derived from ancient Latvian traditions offering a fantastic atmosphere – a perfect place to regain calmness of mind, harmony and thoughts. There are used various natural materials such as oak, birch, maple, lime, rowan and other whisks. However, bear in mind that it may take a while, so have the entire evening scheduled for it.
Latvian sauna ritual(for couple or more) - 63 € per person
Accomodation - 18 €per person
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Herbal sauna ritual