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Birthday sauna ritual

4 hours

Sauna ritual duration

1 person

Max number of persons

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Bauskas novads

What is it

Birthday sauna ritual is individual ritual for guest of honor. Sauna temperature is adjusted individually. Ritual is perfect to create balance between festive and relaxing atmosphere.

What is included


Desired temperature


Body scrub

Willow massage

Deep massage with willows

Singing bowls

baltic signs

Whisk massage

with 5 different whisks

Feet bath

from herbs


Cooling down at pool

Body mask

Honey with amber, chocolate or clay

Sauna accessories

Bathrobe, slippers, sauna hat

Drinks, snacks

Local snacks, herbal tea

Chakra cleansing

pafter sauna ritual

Sauna attendant

pirtniece Biruta Gravas


Opened Gravas recreational center


Graduated sauna school


Sauna attendant Biruta has been working in Gravas for 9 years already. She has graduated sauna school Lielzemenes in 2011. Sauna and plant knowledge has been Biruta’s passion for the whole life. It has been self-studied and attended courses such as “Untraditional plant growing”. Gravas is Biruta’s lifestyle, work and home. You will enjoy the individual approach during the sauna ritual.

Take with you

Bring your towel


Gravas has right to cancel reservation if the agreed arrival time is delayed more than 1 hour.

Customer requirement

If you have any dietary restrictions, inform us upon your arrival. If you have any health issues, please inform sauna attendant before sauna session.

Birthday sauna ritual

1 person

80 €


1 person

18 €


per person

8 €

Body massage

per 1 person

seperate back massage 10 €

20 €

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